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Hi! I’m LucyTaus,  A Tanzanian girl with passion in travelling and exploring nature. I use most of my time to find out what’s happening  in the world of adventures. I’m so moved with how everything in this world is so beautiful and amazing (the mountains, landscapes, vegetation, waterfalls, sunrise and sunset, the ocean and so many). I have never regret spending my time viewing and learning the beauty that exists in our world. Thus, I want to express my passion through writings, inspiring someone out there and prolly create my magazine. Please join me to see why we have so much to appreciate about nature. Thank you.



Growing up I always wanted to be a geologist. I always had a thing for rocks. I remember hearing Neil Armstrong for the first time saying “geologists have a saying-Rocks remember. Wonder what was my favourite subject in school?!, Well,  geography was. Little did I know I was going to be so friendly with nature and every feature in geography. I’m soo obsessed with the rock formations and how they appear on top of other features. I have seen different types of rocks and tried to learn about their functions. Trust me, it’s just a simple experience with beautiful  impact. 

In my visit to many of the regions in Tanzania, I have never come across bigger rocks than the ones found in Mwanza. There are lots of huge rocks with different shapes and formations  in Mwanza. Some of them are man made but most of them are natural and even more interesting some are found on top of the biggest lake in East Africa. That’s Lake Victoria if you already know what I mean. 

So one day I decided to take a visit at Saanane island  national park. It’s the smallest and town located national park in Tanzania. The park is surrounded by lake victoria. 

                         Saanane island national park. 

The views around the national park are godly. You can say the Lord is an artist of many wonderful things. Inside the national park, I saw alot of wonderful shaped rocks. I saw a rock shaped like a mushroom cap too. They call it a “jumping rock”. Lots of tourists take pictures while jumping into that rock so as to get a beautiful view of the lake behind it. And so I did too. 

                                              Jumping on the rock. 

Here are some other beautiful lake views and rocks found 👇

                                  Lake view at the jumping rock.

All lessons are in nature. You look at the way the rocks are formed. – Diane Lane. 


It’s all about force and motion that’s what hill walking is all about. A push or pull that would allow the interaction from one object to another and in between a movement that supports it. Once you climb one hill  you always wonder if there’s another hill on top of it to keep moving.. They say “life is climbing mountains” ooh yeah, we have so many reasons to. Healthy and physically you don’t wanna refuse the friendship that hill walking brings. Once you know it’s benefits hill climbing becomes a BFF. 

Just visited a place that I always wished I could be “Wag-Hill”  I couldn’t wish for more, observing my legs on top made me stress free and more focused on whether I needed more of it or no,  but then I realized that’s what I really wanted. Kept walking even when I knew it’s taking hours. 

                                          Small roads on the hill.

This picture was when I just reached half of the walk, see it’s amazing. We don’t get to insult nature no matter how long it takes to get to it, this is what I always tell myself and it’s what keeps me wanting to learn more about the beauty that exists in this universe. On top of hill I got to see the beauty of nature and different features  and how geography is so friendly. 

This is what I kept observing as I moved forward. 

                                       The beneath rocks on the hill.

The bigger rocks beneath the hill roads. They were very attracting. It felt like I was enlightened to see more of what I needed to see. Trust me, this world is beautiful. Sometimes I can hardly believe I’m in it. So far this had been  one of my most top experiences of the year.

The hope is to all individuals who want to experience wild golden moments. I mean hill walking can be among the best experience. 

Sunset and the beach

                                   A beautiful sunset at Mbudya.

Have you ever imagined how it feels like sitting at the beach watching the sunset while listening to the sound of the ocean waves?! I mean beaches are amazing,  By just looking at the way the water moves foward and backwards you can be soo moved. Your emotions can be driven away and the bond that the ocean will create with your soul is what makes a beach as a happy place to escape everything..  they say “happiness is found in the waves“… Beach is life, and it doesn’t only feed the species and animals found in it, it also feeds our souls. It is healthy.

Last week I visited uninhabited island located near Kunduchi beach in Dar es salaam.  That’s Mbudya island, the most beautiful island with clean water, long trees and beautiful sunsets that fall onto the water.Seeing that sunset on the water made me not focus onto anything else than where my eyes shine brighter. Looking at that picture, you can obviously see where I was looking.I was looking at the sunset, how it fell on water, and how the trees supported the beauty on it to make it even more beautiful. At the same point my ears were listening to the sound of birds and waves.. This made me realise that in nature there is joy.. And I found that joy at Mbudya island.

Nature keeps following us. I saw this while I was in the boat, I mean the waves running into us and the sunlight facing the direction we are going to see whether we are reaching that destination, to see whether we find that complete joy/happiness..we don’t have to run away from nature, we are running away from our joy/happiness. Take your time to look at how nature is joyful and you will never stop thanking God for his wonderful work.  

                             Inside the boat viewing the sunset.

Thank you and meet me on the next post.

Tanzania the richest in wildlife 

So I was just going through some nature and environment magazines given out by the Tanzanian ministry of natural resources and tourism and I came through this title written “Tanzania is the rich country in wildlife“… No one who is ever been to Tanzania will disagree to this. Ever heard of the seventh wonder of the world?! Do you have any idea where it is found?! It is right here in Tanzania. When I was at the age of 10,  I got to visit Ngorongoro national park  the seventh wonder of the world is found. I know  those who might have not visited the place would ask what makes it among the world wonders, well it’s a nice question but guess what!! Some things are best explainable through our visions.

There are soo many other national parks, game reserves and other attractions that the country have.. Serengeti being the largest national park in Tanzania there are so many animals and great sceneries. However, Tanzania is the first country in Africa where one square kilometre of land holds a group of many animals. Group of animals shift each season from one place to another.

There are different types of beautiful creatures, the landscape and the environment around is just so amazing to verify how Tanzania is rich in wildlife. If you’re a person who is deep for adventures, don’t say I didn’t say. Tanzania is the richest.

Ever seen the Tanzanian’s pride?! I mean the giraffe, you would absolutely love seing it standing beside the tree with its beautiful long neck eating tree leaves. 

The hope is on inspiring and  inviting everyone who is deep for adventures to take a visit to Tanzanian’s national parks and see the beauty that the country has. 

Thanks for viewing. 

                                A Tanzanian wildlife magazine.